Ideal Video Games You Can Anticiapte With Great Story

Dark Souls 3 now if there’s any series that has extremely high expectations Dark Souls. Dark Souls is present in almost every quote unquote hardcore gaming discussion and sets the bar for difficulty in modern games a bar that not many other games actually even meet. The latest entry looks to retain a couple of the advancements from Bloodborne but really what kind of a spiritual entry to that series anyhow. Dark Souls can be mind-bendingly frustrating but also incredibly rewarding and the third entry this series is something that people have been looking forward to since the second entry.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U is going to be a massive jump resulted Nintendo has realized that the Legend of Zelda needs to be an open world game. Knowing that the NES original is essentially the equivalent of one an open world game is for, for that era the style they’ve created is somewhere between Wind Waker in Skyward Sword and it’s gorgeous. If you ask me that’s probably going to be the best Legend of Zelda game in a very long time and is probably gonna set the bar for 3D Zeldas. Don’t know that it’s going to take down link to pass that they just might be the nostalgia talking I think we’re going to see some really good and just a new game being release from Nintendo called pokemon go for ios and android.

Tom Clancys The Division another game that has been in development for ever. Tom Clancys The Division is a really cool looking game frankly and it’s seen its share of controversy especially seems to show up every once in while looking slightly different but people are playing the beta now and calling it great. Some of the effects have seen even on the console version are really gorgeous an idea of the game is really great as well so if you’re is ready to take a dive into mid crisis New York restoring order and investigating the source of the virus that is killing people like crazy which is pretty interesting as we have seen a whole lot of post-apocalypse but not as much of what’s going on during.

 . Final Fantasy 15 is finally coming out what’s funny is how long Final Fantasy 15 has been in development yet how much of the development seems to have happened this last year too. Recently Square showed up more advancements in the Final Fantasy 15 battle system that really make it look exciting I played both versions of the download and the second version actually had much better combat is a lot more streamlined enjoyable and you see a lot more team oriented stuff going on and I really like that for this game and it has been a long time since I said that about a Final Fantasy game.


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