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You know the drill and were ooking towards the future as always be sure to like and subscribe if you like list the videos like this of course release date for somebody’s games are subject to change many other may get bumped to 2016 so we will update them accordingly let’s just get right into it starting off with a

Until dawn is a PlayStation exclusive story heavy survival horror puzzle game originally being designed as a weird PlayStation Move title for PlayStation 3. This has been bumped over to a PlayStation 4 for me and honestly it looks pretty cool there’s a lot of game play out there and it looks pretty intuitive tense atmosphere an interesting voice acting and to some really good sense of dread. You walk around clunky controls similar to resident evil in you solve puzzles and look at things and use your flashlight get scared and honestly that’s what players love and that’s why we’re looking forward to playing.

The Witcher 3

Our goal when I even begin with The Witcher 3 the multi-platform action adventure RPG follows the tales of character for me as it goes across the land slay monsters and playing women just doing cool stuff. If you’ve never played with your game now is the time to start it’s a lot like Skyrim but with the heavier focus on character and story telling with the grittier spin like a mid-round. The open world game is huge in the graphics look insanely stunning at E3 I was lucky enough to see this game in action and it was like seeing the face of God.

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Rime is going to be one of Sony’s big headlining indie titles next year. It’s a dynamic third-person open-world action puzzle type game in the same vein of Zelda or Echo. It looks pretty gorgeous with the day-night cycle in a stunning cel-shaded look great though there isn’t too much more to go on with Rime right now other than that seems kinda like a beautiful peaceful relaxing in the game which PlayStation 4 owners have proven to love with journey in flower so I’m sure I’m a scratch that same it for many buyers.

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Bloodborne is the upcoming from software successor to Dark Souls and as a PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne takes that much loved and hated masochistic gameplay style and messes it with the weird spooky Victorian bad and it just looks really damn cool players who got access to the early offer have done nothing but release on its praises. The game looks have some really incredible monster boss designs and just that gameplay that you love to get crushed by even any official PlayStation gameplay demo. The person playing the game is getting their ass handed to them. I think that’s a sign of things to come.
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