You Will Faint If You Know How Much Money Invested To Create These Video Games

If you are thinking that video games that gave you fun and entertainment are here because they are simple. No you got it all wrong, these video games very expensive that’s the reason these video games are very awesome. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

When you have hope that your title will explode into a flurry of dollar bills at its launch, you may do what Activision did and sink over four times the cost of development into marketing alone. What would have been a rather modest $50 million game wound up costing, by today’s standards, over $275 million when marketing is factored in. It’s no surprise, either, considering that Modern Warfare 2 was plastered just about everywhere. Cross-promotional branding, branded gaming peripherals, and commercials in all of the right – and likely expensive places, definitely incurred a good portion of that money, but it was $200 million that didn’t go to waste. Day one sales in the United States and United Kingdom alone broke $310 million and would hit $1 billion in sales within the first quarter of its release. Grand Theft Auto IV

For Rockstar Games, telling the story of Eastern European immigrant Niko Bellic was worth spending quite a bit of dough, and so they shelled out the most they ever had to tell it. At its release, Grand Theft Auto IV had the 2nd largest map size of the series, but also featured an impressive graphical overhaul that made Liberty City look and feel like a living thing. By the time development had closed on the 2008 title, Rockstar Games had shelled out over $110 million. It was a worthy investment, as the game saw a return of $310 million on its first day and opened up a pathway to two expansions. Grand Theft Auto V

 In terms of size, Grand Theft Auto V is a massive game, but does that alone account for the considerably high cost of development? The Witcher 3 boasts a map 1.5 times the size of San Andreas and a smaller budget, so there has to be more to Rockstar’s investment, which capped around $270 million, including marketing. For about five years, a team of 200 individuals worked hard to bring San Andreas to life, rendering a beautiful city stuffed to the brim with hours of activities like tennis, golf, darts, arm wrestling, racing, parachuting and, of course, GTA’s favorite pastime, beating up random citizens. The investment proved to pay off, as the game went on to capture 6 Guinness World Records, including the Highest Sales for a title game in a 24-hour period, and the fastest game to reach $1 billion in sales – which took a mere 72 hours, by the way.


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