RPG’s Hottest Releases This Year

Check out right now the best RPG of 2006 that will give you new features and a lot more of fun. You can pick this list below.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance being developed by Warhorse Studios, this is an action RPG releasing for all the major console. This is a medieval style RPG relying heavily on historical accuracy and realism. The game actually has period accurate armour, clothing, techniques, weapons, tactics and everything. You can be a knight, some other type of warrior a bard, a thief, an archer or anything you really want. This game is so realistic that you walk around you talk to people you have a very limited time to answer dialogue choices and you actually have to eat to stay alive. So yeah it’s one of those things again it’s very deep it’s very open ended and you’re gonna spend a lot of time in it you liked it. So in 2016 you could be exploring the kingdom of Bohemia in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Lost Ark is a Korean made action RPG that is kind of a Diablo clone. That being said they usually isn’t a bad thing because Diablo is really good and we always want more of that style game. At the time making this video we still don’t know a lot about Lost Ark but we know it runs on Unreal Engine 4 there’s mini games, mini quests, there’s puzzles, there’s combat, there’s music sheets and all kinds of weird stuffs.

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The Technomancer this is being developed by the Studio Apiders the guys who made Mars Warlocks. You remember that one, some people do. This is a sci-fi action RPG with different combat styles and players can make their own weapons and armor. The style and the main character and stuff and the trailer actually make it seem kind of cool despite the studios pedigree being a little shaky we voted on this list because hey maybe it’s worth a trying.

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Bravely Second releasing for the Nintendo 3ds it’s a JRPG and a sequel to you guessed it Bravely Default. This time around the gameplay remains mostly the same with some slight changes including Agnes serving as a new party navigation guide, building a different type of village this time on the moon and a revamped version of side quests. The games takes place two years after Bravely Default and feature four main protagonist.

art of sword en hackPillars of Eternity the White March part 2 the second DLC expansion in the early awesome pillars of attorney this time around you get a new companion the level cap goes above fourteen and there’s a new mode where you can play there and just experienced the story if that’s what you’re into. That being said the pillars of attorney gameplay and challenge is really good and we recommend not skipping so whether you’ve been playing eternity since back before it’s released or if you’re just hopping into it you have something more to look forward to coming from the game this year in 2016.

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