RPG’s Hottest Releases This Year

Check out right now the best RPG of 2006 that will give you new features and a lot more of fun. You can pick this list below.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance being developed by Warhorse Studios, this is an action RPG releasing for all the major console. This is a medieval style RPG relying heavily on historical accuracy and realism. The game actually has period accurate armour, clothing, techniques, weapons, tactics and everything. You can be a knight, some other type of warrior a bard, a thief, an archer or anything you really want. This game is so realistic that you walk around you talk to people you have a very limited time to answer dialogue choices and you actually have to eat to stay alive. So yeah it’s one of those things again it’s very deep it’s very open ended and you’re gonna spend a lot of time in it you liked it. So in 2016 you could be exploring the kingdom of Bohemia in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Lost Ark is a Korean m…

Talented Video Games Characters Qualified For Olympics

Geralt of Rivia would probably dominate any fencing competition he’s known as one of the greatest swordsman alive recognize him. This is Geralt of Rivia the best swordsman the North has ever seen. I mean sure to us it’s really easy just hold out and match the square button a bunch of times and he does some spinny swings and tricks but just think of the determination you need the amount of training to achieve that level of skill to be able to beat any animal or human in sword combat.

I think Geralt also has the upper hand in terms of the competition just because of his sheer confidence, he has faith in his abilities he knows exactly what he can accomplish and he could drink a bunch of gross poisons and not throw up and yes once again he is another person to have superhuman abilities and i gotta say let’s just disregard that whole thing. Let’s just keep it going whether you have powers or abilities or performance-enhancing anything or not you’re in whatever its video games. android gam…

Uber is Releasing Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Everyone knows how horrible taxi drivers can be especially in New York City. Well Uber set out to offer a safer option to hailing cabs, claiming that they employ the best professional drivers that make their customers feel most comfortable. Well I hate to break it to you Uber but that’s not always the case. You may remember the video that went viral a few weeks back showing an enraged Uber driver yelling at a customer trying to reach the ER.

To improve customer satisfaction, Uber will soon roll out a series, which is a self-driving car. The goal is to replace Uber’s more than 1 million human drivers with robot drivers as quickly as possible. Uber announced that later this month it will allow customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones crossing an important milestone that no other automotive or technology company has yet to achieve. Now Google who’s widely preferred as the leader in this field has been testing its fleet for several…

You Will Faint If You Know How Much Money Invested To Create These Video Games

If you are thinking that video games that gave you fun and entertainment are here because they are simple. No you got it all wrong, these video games very expensive that’s the reason these video games are very awesome. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

When you have hope that your title will explode into a flurry of dollar bills at its launch, you may do what Activision did and sink over four times the cost of development into marketing alone. What would have been a rather modest $50 million game wound up costing, by today’s standards, over $275 million when marketing is factored in. It’s no surprise, either, considering that Modern Warfare 2 was plastered just about everywhere. Cross-promotional branding, branded gaming peripherals, and commercials in all of the right – and likely expensive places, definitely incurred a good portion of that money, but it was $200 million that didn’t go to waste. Day one sales in the United States and United Kingdom alone broke $310 million and would…

Playstation Best Video Games

You know the drill and were ooking towards the future as always be sure to like and subscribe if you like list the videos like this of course release date for somebody’s games are subject to change many other may get bumped to 2016 so we will update them accordingly let’s just get right into it starting off with a

Until dawn is a PlayStation exclusive story heavy survival horror puzzle game originally being designed as a weird PlayStation Move title for PlayStation 3. This has been bumped over to a PlayStation 4 for me and honestly it looks pretty cool there’s a lot of game play out there and it looks pretty intuitive tense atmosphere an interesting voice acting and to some really good sense of dread. You walk around clunky controls similar to resident evil in you solve puzzles and look at things and use your flashlight get scared and honestly that’s what players love and that’s why we’re looking forward to playing.

The Witcher 3

Our goal when I even begin with The Witcher…

Ideal Video Games You Can Anticiapte With Great Story

Dark Souls 3 now if there’s any series that has extremely high expectations Dark Souls. Dark Souls is present in almost every quote unquote hardcore gaming discussion and sets the bar for difficulty in modern games a bar that not many other games actually even meet. The latest entry looks to retain a couple of the advancements from Bloodborne but really what kind of a spiritual entry to that series anyhow. Dark Souls can be mind-bendingly frustrating but also incredibly rewarding and the third entry this series is something that people have been looking forward to since the second entry.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U is going to be a massive jump resulted Nintendo has realized that the Legend of Zelda needs to be an open world game. Knowing that the NES original is essentially the equivalent of one an open world game is for, for that era the style they’ve created is somewhere between Wind Waker in Skyward Sword and it’s gorgeous. If you ask me that’s probably going to be the best Lege…